I never thought I could get used to Smartphones

Till now I’ve relied on a shitty Nokia phone from the past (what? all I need is calling and text). This so called Nokia can’t hold a call for more than 5 minutes before randomly killing said call out of no where. I needed a new phone, one that I can actually do more stuff on than just text and call people (no not look up porn, get ya mind out of the gutter ya perv).

I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, it was on sale and I didn’t want to pass the opportunity.
Every time I want to test a smartphone for quality sake I would put it through a sort of gaming stress test to see how well it performs, every time I do this I test it with Angry Birds. Now it’s not just about getting it to run, I’ve seen smartphones that can actually handle running the game, the real stress in this is the ability to handle the physics in the game without lagging out. Thus! The game Angry Birds is a good test for this sort of thing.

Aside from fooling around in Snapchat (no not dirty stuff you perv, why the hell are you reading this anyway??? For fuck sake); I’ve grown accustomed to watching Youtube videos if I’m in a situation where I have to wait for something or just plain bored out of my mind and do not have access to my computer. It’s a good thing we have this technology, so that we may boo at everyone on instagram for being in the challenge of: Who Can Be The Most Retarded Person Of All Time And Showing Off For No Apparent Reason Other Than To Be A Total Ass Of Themselves.


In light of subjective mutism


It is hereby confirmed that G███y was the one to manipulate past RC posts on Facepunch out of sheer butthurt and desperate states of being a faggot of mass proportions.

Any attempts by all means subjects to a higher level of extreme superiority complex given G███y’s Stubborn nature to conceive butthurt on a regular basis.

Be warned that any attempt to make G███y less subjective to being a Nazi results in failure and or more increasing amounts to try and not seem butthurt by all means.

Entry #1: Subject is hereby Butthurt and cannot seem to accept that fact even when presented with undeniable facts.

Entry #2: Subject is heavily endured to try and manipulate posts given high levels of butthurt, Subject continues to lure everyone away from this fact.

Entry #3: Subject always tries to cover up any instances of butthurt and when subjected to a Dumb rating hereby bans anyone out of butthurt.

Conclusion: G███y is not to be taken seriously by all means as he’s overly obsessive in trying to prove someone wrong regardless of whom that person are or what their intended outcomes are and/or status. He is not to be considered human by all costs as trying to communicate in such a way results in the Subject continuing with Superiority_Status-1A.

Hypothesis: Given the Subject will still be obsessive in status of given light on the topic, the Subject will try to manipulate this topic and/or delete it: Which will further prove how much of a faggot he is, G███y go home (Reddit).

Blog will continue as ensured to release public information.

EDIT: G███Y is now to be referred to as: Subject 1A.

I'd buy that for a dollar…

A first post? Already? Well then, this is my first post ever. This isn’t something to fully note because I’m no one, I’m a nobody who is blogging about being a nobody which in turn makes being a nobody livable I’d say.

Now for those who don’t know: There is no bacon, G███y Newman simply has to have all the bacon to himself, sorry but Craptasket even had to give up his bacon, but then again Gran PC said “No fucking way, thou bacon be mine”, later that day, he was banned.

Postal is allowed some bacon because of his dashingly awesome efforts to keep the forums alive and well, his job is of most importance as he is regarded as one of the most famous Moderators on Facepunch, so famous that I mentioned him in this very blog. Yes he’s that famous, no you still cannot have bacon, go away.

Since G███y has all the bacon, does he ever get fat? NO! According to his Twitter, he can handle a lot of bacon effortlessly, a tremendous feat I should say.