I'd buy that for a dollar…

A first post? Already? Well then, this is my first post ever. This isn’t something to fully note because I’m no one, I’m a nobody who is blogging about being a nobody which in turn makes being a nobody livable I’d say.

Now for those who don’t know: There is no bacon, G███y Newman simply has to have all the bacon to himself, sorry but Craptasket even had to give up his bacon, but then again Gran PC said “No fucking way, thou bacon be mine”, later that day, he was banned.

Postal is allowed some bacon because of his dashingly awesome efforts to keep the forums alive and well, his job is of most importance as he is regarded as one of the most famous Moderators on Facepunch, so famous that I mentioned him in this very blog. Yes he’s that famous, no you still cannot have bacon, go away.

Since G███y has all the bacon, does he ever get fat? NO! According to his Twitter, he can handle a lot of bacon effortlessly, a tremendous feat I should say. 



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2 responses to “I'd buy that for a dollar…”

  1. garry-faggot says :

    I’m butthurt please save me Shredderman.

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