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I never thought I could get used to Smartphones

Till now I’ve relied on a shitty Nokia phone from the past (what? all I need is calling and text). This so called Nokia can’t hold a call for more than 5 minutes before randomly killing said call out of no where. I needed a new phone, one that I can actually do more stuff on than just text and call people (no not look up porn, get ya mind out of the gutter ya perv).

I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, it was on sale and I didn’t want to pass the opportunity.
Every time I want to test a smartphone for quality sake I would put it through a sort of gaming stress test to see how well it performs, every time I do this I test it with Angry Birds. Now it’s not just about getting it to run, I’ve seen smartphones that can actually handle running the game, the real stress in this is the ability to handle the physics in the game without lagging out. Thus! The game Angry Birds is a good test for this sort of thing.

Aside from fooling around in Snapchat (no not dirty stuff you perv, why the hell are you reading this anyway??? For fuck sake); I’ve grown accustomed to watching Youtube videos if I’m in a situation where I have to wait for something or just plain bored out of my mind and do not have access to my computer. It’s a good thing we have this technology, so that we may boo at everyone on instagram for being in the challenge of: Who Can Be The Most Retarded Person Of All Time And Showing Off For No Apparent Reason Other Than To Be A Total Ass Of Themselves.